I am a multi-media visual artist with an interest in wet and dry media and apparel alike. As a painter, I juxtapose elements of portraiture, cartoons, and abstract to visually narrate non-physical emotional states. In collaging these elements with careful attention to detail, texture, and color, I intend to create a sense of visual empathy between viewers and painted figures. These images are directly influenced by my experiences navigating society and mental health. These works aim to create a conversation by showing viewers a different perspective on human experiences. I want to further that by creating work that exists in more inclusive spaces. While the utilization of visual art as a method of communication is inevitable, the scope of its reach is largely dependent on how the work is distributed. Attention to accessibility motivates me to produce work that transcends the traditional gallery space, existing additionally within popular culture, streetwear, and other readily tactile facets.







  • (Upcoming) Group Exhibition - "The Underground Natives Showcase", 237 Ent, Brooklyn, NY 

  • Group Exhibition - "in-print", Cardinal Labs, Miami FL

  • Two-person Exhibition - "Colonial Contours", Alliance for the Arts Museum, Fort Myers, FL

  • 2022 The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "Zoratopia", SXSW, Austin, TX

  • Group Exhibition - "Culture", Strada Gallery, New York City, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "FTX NFT Gallery", Wynwood Studios, Miami, FL

  • Group Exhibition - "FOR THE TL", DCentral Miami, Miami, FL

  • Group Exhibition - "Contemporary", Boomer Gallery, London, UK

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