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As a multi-talented visual artist, I have a deep passion for both wet and dry media, as well as apparel design. Through my paintings, I aim to visually narrate the non-physical emotional states of humanity. I achieve this by seamlessly blending elements of portraiture, cartoons, and abstraction in a way that creates a sense of visual empathy between the viewer and the painted figures. My works are a reflection of my personal experiences navigating society and mental health and are meant to spark conversations by offering a unique perspective on human emotions.

With a keen eye for detail, texture, and color, I craft each piece with care, striving to create meaningful and impactful works of art that go beyond the traditional gallery space. My ultimate goal is to bring my work to a wider audience, making it accessible and inclusive for all to experience. I believe that art is a powerful means of communication, and I am motivated to use my creativity to create work that transcends traditional boundaries, existing in popular culture, streetwear, and other tangible facets of our everyday lives.



Grants & Awards







  • Group Exhibition - "Tight Knit", Harsh Collective, New York, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "The Underground Natives Showcase", 237 Ent, Brooklyn, NY 

  • Group Exhibition - "in-print", Cardinal Labs, Miami FL

  • Two-person Exhibition - "Colonial Contours", Alliance for the Arts Museum, Fort Myers, FL

  • 2022 The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "Zoratopia", SXSW, Austin, TX

  • Group Exhibition - "Culture", Strada Gallery, New York City, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "FTX NFT Gallery", Wynwood Studios, Miami, FL

  • Group Exhibition - "FOR THE TL", DCentral Miami, Miami, FL

  • Group Exhibition - "Contemporary", Boomer Gallery, London, UK

  • 2nd place winner Black Miami Cover Competition (2022)  

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