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My artistic practice is devoted to the exploration and amplification of the experiences of marginalized communities, with an emphasis on highlighting the distinctive attributes that shape their identities. Specifically, I attempt to portray black individuals in a manner that is both relatable and empowering, while intentionally avoiding any negative or harmful representations.

With a keen eye for detail, texture, and color, I craft each piece with care, striving to create meaningful and impactful works of art that go beyond the traditional gallery space. My ultimate goal is to bring my work to a wider audience, making it accessible and inclusive for all to experience. I believe that art is a powerful means of communication, and I am motivated to use my creativity to create work that transcends traditional boundaries.



Grants & Awards

Permanent Collections












  • Group Exhibition "To Be as a Cloud: Recent Acquisitions", NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale FL

  • Group Exhibition - "The Awakening", MAX Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Group Exhibition - "BLAQ SHEEP", Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles, California

  • Group Exhibition - "Everything But the Kitchen Sink", La Luz Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, California

  • Solo Exhibition - "Welcome to The Neighborhood", Diafano, Miami, FL

  • Group Exhibition - "FFF", Congruent Space, Chicago, IL

  • Group Exhibition - "Tight Knit", Harsh Collective, New York, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "The Underground Natives Showcase", 237 Ent, Brooklyn, NY 

  • Group Exhibition - "in-print", Cardinal Labs, Miami FL

  • Two-person Exhibition - "Colonial Contours", Alliance for the Arts Museum, Fort Myers, FL

  • 2022 The Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "Zoratopia", SXSW, Austin, TX

  • Group Exhibition - "Culture", Strada Gallery, New York City, NY

  • Group Exhibition - "FOR THE TL", DCentral Miami, Miami, FL

  • Group Exhibition - "Contemporary", Boomer Gallery, London, UK

  • Filthy Magazine Issue 5 (2024)

  • Soho House Fellowship (2023)

  • 2nd place winner Black Miami Cover Competition (2022)  

  • NSU Art Museum, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Instagram (2023)

  • Morehouse College (2023)

  • Black Market Flea (2023)

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