Dimithry Victor, BORN IN 2000

Dimithry Victor (b. 2000) has been creating art ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Growing up he was inspired by cartoons and comic books, which led him to create his own characters. However, as he become older, he began to incorporate his own experiences and emotions into his work, ultimately leading to the current style of work he has now. This drive for self-expression set him on his path to becoming a professional artist.

Originally from Haiti, he moved to the United States as a child which would heavily impact his work. Growing up as an immigrant in Miami he was exposed to a variety of different people and cultures. These experiences are what inspire his current work. His work serves to highlight the experiences of marginalized groups that may often be overlooked but are fundamental in making them who they are.

He was greatly influenced by the works of the expressionist masters and his works in realism capture the viewers’ attention, for their unique and often humorous content. Glamour and a strong narrative are key ingredients in his work, and he often uses a bright color palette in his paintings. His work ranges from classical portrait set-ups to quirkier narrative pieces that invite the viewer to create a narrative of their own. His work juxtaposes elements of portraiture, cartoons, and abstract to visually narrate non-physical emotional states. In collaging these elements with careful attention to detail, texture, and color, he intends to create a sense of visual empathy between viewers and painted figures.

Victor has exhibited his work globally, including in London, New York City, Miami and more

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